This page is a list of the video games I'm playing, and then a brief impression of each one I have played. I hope my mini "reviews" will help someone, especially for more obscure titles.

I will expand this page as time goes on, either writing retroactive reviews for games I have played in the past, or as I play them nowadays.

>> My steam profile (I am not a heavy steam user but some games will be on here)

In Progress

VA-11 Hall-A

GTA: San Andreas

Trackmania: Sunrise

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Dark Souls 3 (haha)


Need to write review

Red Strings Club

Kentucky Route Zero


Death Stranding - I just finished playing this game on my PS4 (as of January 2020). I am not usually one to play video games of much length, due to not being a Gamer(tm), but this one kept me going the whole time. This game is a great example of how the unique qualities of the medium of gaming can be used artistically and to tell a story very effectively. It is hard to explain why without spoiling it, which leads to people making fun of positive reviews of this game. But if you beat the game, hopefully you will see why people consider it good, even if you don't like it yourself.
Zoe's rating: recommend

Puyo Pop Fever - I first played this game on a Sony Walkman MP3 player. Eventually I got it on GameCube as well, but I have not been able to play much of it on that platform yet. I love this game because of its cute energetic vibe, and the easy to learn (but hard to master) gameplay.
Zoe's rating: recommend

Last updated 29 Jan 2022

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